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The Lego Neighborhood Book, Review

As a child I had a vision of my own giant Lego city. I pictured in my head a large rectangular table crisscrossed with Lego roads leading to a whole city of shops, houses and municipalities such as a fire station, police station and airport. Being the child that I was I was never able to realize my dream as I had no job and no money. The only Legos I had were those purchased for me as birthday and Christmas gifts or small little sets here and there. Although I feel blessed to have had the quantity of Legos that I did have, it just wasn’t enough to build the city I had envisioned.

The Lego Neighborhood Book.

I recently rediscovered my fascination with Lego and now that I am an adult and have a job and my own source of income, I can decide when and which Legos to buy. I was amazed to see how much Lego bricks have progressed over the years. While the staples of Lego bricks that I remember as a child are still frequently used in modern sets, there are so many more options. So where does one start?

Of course I want to purchase and build the Modular buildings designed by the Lego group but I also would like to build some MOCs to give my Lego city some of my own unique personality. With all the new bricks available today I started looking for guidance and maybe some tips for building techniques. That’s when I stumbled across the Brick City Depot website and a book titled “The Lego Neighborhood Book” by Brian Lyles and Jason Lyles.

Like me; Brian and Jason loved playing with Legos as kids and like me; Brian and Jason rediscovered Lego as adults. They have put together this great book to share what they have learned while building their Lego city.

The Corner Drugstore is one of the buildings you will learn to build in the Lego Neighborhood Book. The book contains instructions and parts list for the build.

The book begins as a guide to setting up your build to be compatible with the Lego Modular Buildings. It teaches how to create the base of your building with the proper pieces and alignment to ensure your finished build will fit right along side the official Lego Modulars.

In the next couple of chapters, Brian and Jason walk you through some quick tutorials on design. Topics include how to select colors and learning to spot Lego pieces in real world architecture. This is a fascinating section because they show you photos of real world buildings and then how to recreate architectural elements using Lego bricks.

The book then dives a little deeper into the details that really bring a Lego city to life. They give you examples of interior design including furniture, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures as well as decorative elements such as lighting and plants. It’s these detail elements that really make a building interesting.

Finally, Brian and Jason have included example images of modular buildings that they have designed and built and include parts lists and instructions to build several of their designs. These include a Corner Drugstore and three different Lego Houses.

Overall, this is an excellent book, loaded with tips to help even the most inexperienced novice learn to build some great Lego buildings. With the knowledge I have gained from Brian and Jason’s book I am confident that I can finally build the Lego city that I dreamed of as a child. I look forward to building with you and to sharing my progress along the way.