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The Mystery Machine

Lego Scooby-Doo, The Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine front

The Mystery Machine rear

Spooky Tree

Lego Review, Set 75902 Scooby-Doo, The Mystery Machine

A few days ago I stopped into Target to pick up a couple of household items. On an impulse I decided to take a stroll through the toy section just to get an in person view of the Lego selection offered by Target in store. Of course the selection of Lego sets offered in store were what you might expect. Most of the product selection was based on current movies and Lego’s current theme sets like Star Wars and the Ninjago sets. One set caught my eye and immediately brought back memories of childhood and Saturday morning cartoons. I could not bring myself to pass it up, so I purchased the Scooby-Doo, The Mystery Machine set and added it to my collection.

The Mystery Machine set has a recommended age range of 6-12 years old so the set was a really simple build with very few of the 301 pieces being tiny bricks.

Fred Minifigure

Shaggy Minifigure


Zombie Minifigure

There are three total Minifigures in the set including Fred, Shaggy, and Zombie plus a Scooby-Doo figure. The Lego designers did a fantastic job of matching the likenesses of Shaggy, Fred and Scooby. All three are immediately recognizable as the characters from the childhood favorite cartoon. Both Shaggy and Fred have dual faced heads with one side being a smiling face and the inverse being a frightened expression. The front of the zombie minifigure head has a zombie face while the back of the head is printed with two buttons and a mock seam. This is a fantastic detail as anyone who watched the show will remember every episode featured a monster that turned out to be a person in disguise.

The Mystery Machine set contains two instruction booklets and two builds. There is a mini build of a three-inch tall spooky tree. Again this matches the theme of the show were the monsters are not what they seem. The tree is mechanical machine secretly operated by the zombie, disguised minifigure.

The main build is The Mystery Machine van. The van is three inches tall, five inches long and two inches wide but somehow seems larger. The Mystery Machine has seating for two minifigures in the front and space for a standing Scooby in the back. The back half of the rear section swings open for easy access to all the mystery-solving equipment. The accessories in the set include a magnifying glass, flashlight, a printed tile clue, a micro build large sandwich and computer tracking equipment.

There are seven total printed pieces in the set including the tile clue, a tape recorder, the four hubcaps and the front spare tire cover. The rest of the graphic elements are stickers from a single, sticker-sheet, which will need to be applied while building the set.

Overall, The Mystery Machine set is an, easy to build, great little set that would be a great addition to a Lego collection and help bring back memories of childhood Saturday mornings and the cartoons that made them so special.