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Lego Ideas proposals that made it to official sets

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Lego Ideas

Building MOCs (My Own Creations) with Lego bricks can be one of the most challenging aspects of an abricktion. The imagination is a powerful tool and sometimes the build you have imagined seems impossible with the available bricks from Lego. It can be like trying to shove a square peg in a round hole. You have to adapt. You have to mix and match pieces in new and different ways to achieve your goal. If you don’t give up you can overcome most obstacles along the way and you will be rewarded with a unique Lego set that before your hard work only existed in your imagination.

Have you ever built a really great MOC? The type of build that makes you sit back, admire your work and think to yourself; “Wow I think Lego should offer this as a set.” Well if your design is good enough, they just might. Lego Ideas is a program by Lego that offers enthusiasts an opportunity to have their creations developed into official Lego sets.

Create your design, take photos and write a description. Then share it on the Lego Ideas website. If your design gains enough support (10,000 likes) from other users, then your proposal will qualify for an official review from the LEGO Review Board. Any set that passes the review process will move on to development by professional Lego Designers to finalize the set based on your design and prepare it for release as an official Lego set. Lego will feature you as the set creator in the set materials and pay you a percentage of sales as royalties.

So get out your Legos and start building. Keep experimenting, don’t give up when you run in to obstacles and you just may see your creation for sale as an official Lego set.