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Old Fishing Store

Old Fishing Store by robenanne

Lego Ideas, Old Fishing Store

The Old Fishing Store is a Lego Ideas design by user robenanne. Little imagination is required to envision the Old Fishing Store being right at home lakeside or in any little coastal town.

The design appears to be very popular among the Lego Ideas fans reaching the required 10,000 supporters for an official Lego review in just over a month. The Lego Design Team have plenty of features to review. The design consists of just over 2,100 pieces with incredible detail.

The store is a three level modular building featuring a main store, office, and lookout surrounded by a realistic wraparound deck and stairs. Some of the added touches that make the design special are Mini fish, crab, flicking hook, starfish, snow owl, and Barrels. The store's product features are Bottles, Bait, Fishing poles, A treasure chest, A dive mask, Dive tanks and Chains.

Designer, robenanne has created a great design with the Old Fishing Store. With any luck the Lego Reviewers will agree and we will all be able to build our own Old Fishing Stores soon.